Seeds of Affinity

Seeds of Affinity - Pathways for Women Incorporated was started by a group of South Australian women with lived prison experience.  Members of Seeds of Affinity work together to challenge the stigmatization faced by women leaving prison.  Seeds of Affinity members build a community where women feel a sense of belonging, solidarity and self worth. 

Seeds of Affinity is well known for its line of home made beauty products manufactured by members and used to fund activities.

Captive minds book launch

The women of Seeds of Affinity are proud to announce the launch of Captive Minds: Truth Behind Bars.


   Captive Minds book










Captive Minds: Truth Behind Bars is a collection of stories and artwork from women in prison and those walking alongside them. 

It is 'essential reading for anyone working in the area of criminal justice' (Frances Nelson, QC; Presiding Member, Parole Board of SA)  

Price $25.00 +  $7.50

Core values

The Seeds of Affinity Core Values were written by women who have lived prison experience or a close working knowlege of the criminal justice system. 

Seeds of Affinity:

  • Recognises and promotes equity, self-worth and basic human rights of criminalised women

  • Advocates for a reduction in numbers of Aboriginal women in prisons and for a more sensitive and culturally appropriate treatment of prisoners

  • Recognises that children and families are victims of the criminal justice system

  • Encourages pride, hope and opportunity.

Special announcements

Saturday December 13, 2014  Seeds of Affinity High Tea  Read More

Thursday November 20, 2014  Violent Lives and Silenced Voices: Criminalised Women Speak - UniSA Hawke Centre/White Ribbon Day Event

      Hawke Centre

Seeds of Affinity Board, 2014  Read more

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